My Role & Team
I worked closely with product designers, software engineers, mechanical engineers and the business partner together to develop the product. I led the design, user testing and development of the end to end product. 
Complicated maintenance process
The machines and equipment in the cultural park often take a few days to get reported for repairs. After the maintenance checks the equipment, it then needs to be approved by the manager to start the maintenance progress. The average time of the equipment being taken care of is around 10 days; how do we minimize the process by using our software product?​​​​​​​
Hard to gather data from the power meters
The power meters are all over the cultural park. When the engineers and the merchants have to get the data about the electricity usage, they have to walk to every single corner in order to check the power meters. How do we gather all the data together, and make it easier for the staff to view the usage data?
Users Needs
After discussing with the managers from the cultural park, we have concluded the functions they want from our product: 

Control panel
Be able to manage the lighting and the equipments on the website

Be able to view and track the power usage data
Site Map
We started out by building the structure of the website based on the needs from the business partner. 
Early Ideation
After reviewing what information we would be putting on the website, we started by sketching out the basic layout of the usage data and the elements of control panel. 
Medium fidelity wireframes
We started drawing the detailed design layout based on our sketches.
Style Guide & Design System
User Testing
After finished the high fidelity wireframe, we started to do testing of the most used tasks. There were 10 employees from the cultural park participated, 5 are mechanical engineers, 5 are managers and regular staffs. 
Final Decision
We decided to go for option B since it's the most intuitive option for users based on the testing result. We then applied the same design layout on other pages.
Final Design
Design Impact
Throughout the several user testing, we were able to solve the problems from the first version of the design, which increases the traffic by 30%.

We were able to put the 7 inch tablet display at the merchant area so that merchants and employees can check their power usage instantly without walking all over the theme park.

The staff and managers were able to use our site on mobile and iPad to check and manage the power control in a more efficient way, which reduces their labor cost by 10%. 
Since it's the team's first time to incorporate the idea of UX to develop the software system, a lot of times the schedule doesn't go with our plans, and there were some struggles during the conversations between the engineers and designers. But we were able to show the results based on the user testing to the engineers and gain their trust of what we were designing at the end, so the collaboration results turned out to be great at the end.

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